Chiquitano and Pantanal

Map of the Month: Chiquitano and Pantanal
Map boundaries: 10 to 20 degrees South; 56 to 64 degrees West
Countries: Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay

This map area covers the transition between the moist Amazonian forests and the drier Chaco area, a tropical dry forest. To the northwest and north, the Amazon rain forests reach their southernmost extent and grade into drier, more seasonal forests. On the southwestern edge of the map, the edge of the Andes contain tropical moist forests and tropical dry forests. To the east are the Chiquitano dry forests of Santa Cruz and Mato Grosso and the Cerrado, a savanna-shrubland mosaic that extends in isolated outcrops from Beni and Santa Cruz across Mato Grosso and a large area of southern Brazil. On the southeast is the largest wetland in the neotropics, the Pantanal, which is increasingly known as a destination for ecotourism. Continue reading