Cultural Sites of the Southwest

The following is a list of National Historic Landmarks, other nationally designated sites, and notable sites of the prehistoric, historic, and scientific landscape in the Southwest, 30 to 40 degrees North, 110 to 120 degrees West.  World Heritage Sites and a narrative were provided in the previous entry.  Sites are keyed to the cultural landscape map in the previous entry.

I.  US National Historic Landmarks

Ahwahnee, Yosemite National Park, California. This resort hotel in the eastern end of Yosemite Valley was opened in 1927 and is still in use (site 1 on map). Ecoregion NA527.

Angelus Temple, Los Angeles. Made famous by a depression-era radio evangelist.

Awatovi Ruins, Hopi Tribal Land (Site 2 on map). An Indian village encountered by Coronado’s men in 1540 contains a 500-year old pueblo and a 17th century Spanish mission. The village was abandoned in 1700 due to tensions between Hope traditionalists and Christian converts. Ecoregion NA1304. Continue reading